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Modes of Transportation Within Italy and Spain

Traveling around Italy and Spain let’s you get to know the diversity of regions and cultures within each country. These countries are popular with travelers partly because of their many excellent transportation options. Once you know your itinerary, choosing your modes of transportation can be easy. Transportation in Italy Train Italy’s extensive train system is […]

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Best Ways to Communicate While Overseas

Staying connected to friends and family while you are overseas can help to keep everyone feeling safe and at ease. Though your cellular carrier may offer packages for international calls, these plans can still be quite costly and subject to varying rates based on what country you are communicating from. Additionally, messaging and tethering are […]

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5 Things to Be Aware of While Communicating Overseas

The experience traveling overseas can be eye-opening in many ways. This includes differences in communication and connectivity. When preparing for a long trip abroad, there are many obvious things to consider: where to stay, where to visit, and what to bring. Less obvious might be to plan your strategy for communication. Here are a few […]

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Travel Safety Tips for Women in Spain and Italy

Regardless of your destination, feeling safe when traveling is a major component of a successful trip. When you feel confident and secure, it’s easy to relax and absorb each new environment and experience. As a female traveling in Spain and Italy, there are a few insights and precautions that can help create comfortable safety zones […]

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Traveling Advice: Who Can You Trust While Abroad?

Traveling abroad is one of the most rewarding lifetime experiences, but it can be intimidating on many levels. Whether dealing with safety, money exchange, transportation or language barriers, it’s inevitable that you’ll need advice and guidance somewhere along the way. If you know who to trust and feel confident in your instincts, there’s no reason […]

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2018 Travel Safety Tips for Spain By the FBI’s Former Top Special Agent in Spain

Marc Varri is a retired FBI Special Agent and a former Legal Attaché in Madrid, Spain. He currently serves as the in-country Point of Contact for Salus Security Services in Spain. 1. Do Your Research Prepare by learning as much as you can about your destination before arriving. There’s a wealth of information available online […]

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2018 Travel Safety Tips for Italy (By a Former FBI Special Agent)

Melissa Thomas is a retired FBI Special Agent and a former Assistant Legal Attaché in Rome, Italy.  She currently serves as the in-country Point of Contact for Salus Security Services in Italy. 1. Do Your Research So you booked your flight and accommodations to Italy – now what?! Don’t assume you’ll figure everything out once […]

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How to Choose the Right Insurance When Studying Abroad in Spain

Every year, more and more American students choose to study in Spain because of its high-quality education system, culture, and low cost of living. However, none of these students base their decision on the expectation that something unfortunate is going to happen to them while they are abroad.  But the reality is, no matter how […]

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How to Choose the Right Insurance When Studying Abroad in Italy

Italy is ranked as one of the top destinations for American students to study abroad. With its rich history, mouthwatering cuisine and vibrant residents, Italy has the potential to provide students with both a memorable cultural and educational experience. However, that does not mean Italy is immune to risk. If you are planning on studying […]

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Italy’s Most Dangerous Cities

  If you had one guess as to what the most dangerous city in Italy is, what would it be?  Chances are your mind would probably go towards “Mafia”, and your guess might well be Naples or Palermo.  But you’d be wrong.  In general, levels of organized crime and violent crime are dropping.  In this […]

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