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Spain’s Most Dangerous Cities

  If you’re planning to study abroad in Spain, you’ll want to know which of its cities are the most dangerous.  Armed with information about which have the best and worst records for crime, you’ll give yourself the best chance of enjoying a trouble free stay. Madrid The Spanish capital is the largest city in […]

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5 Laws to Know Before Studying Abroad in Italy

Italian bureaucracy is legendary, but as a foreign student in Italy, some rules and laws are more important than others. Get it wrong and you’ll fall foul of the law. So be smart and do your homework before you set off. A residency permit is a must You won’t have gotten past the immigration officials […]

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What Not to Do When Studying Abroad in Italy

  If you’re planning to study abroad in Italy, you’ll need to adjust your expectations.  Italians do things differently, so don’t try to fight it. Go with the flow and experience the famous dolce vita for yourself. While there are plenty of places to visit and attractions to see, there are a list of thing […]

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The Biggest Don’ts in Spain

  If you’re planning to study abroad in Spain, your life is about to get a whole lot different and we don’t just mean the language. The Spanish people will welcome you into their country, but there are certain conventions to follow if you want to fit in.  Here’s what you shouldn’t do. Speak English […]

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Ten Laws to Be Aware of If You’re Studying Abroad in Spain

  If you’re planning to study abroad in Spain, you’ll want it to be an experience that you remember for the rest of your life – but not because you fell victim to Spain’s laws.  While it might be obvious that some actions are going to get you in strife, as they would in any […]

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