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The 6 Best Security Products to Pack for Your Travels

Personal safety is a top concern for most travelers. As tourist destinations become more crowded each year, it is becoming increasingly important to protect yourself from theft while traveling. From keeping your valuables safe to taking anti-theft precautions, before planning any trip it is important to invest in your personal safety.

When traveling abroad, there are many travel security products that every traveler should pack. Investing in your peace of mind while traveling is always worth it. These are the six best travel security products to pack when traveling abroad.

Security Products to Invest in Before You Travel

Gone are the days when wearing your backpack on your chest will prevent theft. This tactic not only draws more attention to you but also makes you an easy target for criminals. In major cities, petty theft is common so it’s best to travel with an anti-theft travel bag (at the minimum).

1. Anti-Theft Travel Purse & Bags

Anti-theft bags can pay for themselves in a moment

The best anti-theft bag should be slash free. Slash-free bags can help prevent or delay theft. When shopping for a theft-proof travel bag be sure to look for safety features like hidden compartments, RFID protection, steel reinforced straps, and anti-slash fabrics.

The Importance of an Anti-Theft, Slash Proof Bag

It is common for pickpockets to cut the straps or cut open a pocket of a travelers bag. The best anti-theft bag should be made of a slash-free fabric and have steel reinforced straps. A travel slash free travel backpack allows you to adequately store your belongings while giving you peace of mind that burglars or pickpockets can’t compromise your security by cutting your bag.

Having hidden compartments allows for travelers to store money or expensive devices away from easily accessible pockets. Additionally, every theft proof bag should have RFID (radio-frequency identification) protection in order to block thieves from electronically scanning important documents like credit cards or passports.

2. Travel Money Belt

A money belt is a great inconspicuous tool for storing your belongings while traveling. Money belts are best used to hold your travel essentials like money, identification cards, smartphones or credit cards. Anti-theft money belts for travel help to keep your valuables out of sight and secure.

If thieves cannot see or physically access your personal items, your chances of being a victim of theft will greatly reduce. Money belts are lightweight and can be worn underneath clothing as a belt or across your chest. Money belts for travel are typically made of a sturdy material optimal for preventing theft and usually accepted when going through airport security.

3. Pickpocket-Proof Pants

Pickpockets are common in crowded areas like tourist hotspots and train stations. Cities like Barcelona are known for having daily cases of pickpocket thefts. Bob Arno, a pickpocket criminologist, says that 1 out of 4 tourists are pickpocketed each year in Barcelona.

Wearing pickpocket-proof pants or shirts can help keep your valuables safe. The clothing usually features hidden pockets in places like under the armpit. Protecting your valuables concealed with pickpocket- proof clothing can drastically reduce your chances of being pickpocketed.

4. Invest in a Personal Alarm

A personal alarm can be highly useful in an emergency situation while traveling. In an emergency situation such as getting robbed or attacked, personal alarms can help save your life. Wearable technology allows you to wear alarms discreetly as watches, necklaces or bracelets. The best personal alarms for travel should have loud built-in noise alarms and flashing lights to get the attention of bystanders during vulnerable situations.

There are also hands-free alarms that are activated by voice. In an intense situation, you may not be able to reach for the alarm so a hands personal free alarm is the best option. If you don’t want to sport a wearable, you can also attach alarms to your clothes, luggage or keychain, too.

5. Portable Cell Phone Charger

A key product for staying in touch

Navigating a new city while traveling often means that you might be using your phone and other devices more often than usual. From using Google Maps to find the best coffee shop in town or checking your email for flight and hotel information, your device’s battery is likely to drain faster.

Out and About: Don’t Forget a Portable Charger (And Adapter)!

Every traveler should travel with a portable charger to avoid getting lost or losing contact with your family and friends. Portable chargers are a reliable and convenient way to make sure that you stay connected while traveling. Additionally, having a portable charger can ensure your safety in potentially dangerous situations where you may need to call the local authorities or other emergency services providers.

Be sure that your portable charger has USB ports so that all of your devices can charge simultaneously. Whether you are hiking a mountain or roaming the city center, it can be risky to travel without a portable charger to a foreign country because you are risking not being able to connect to anyone in an emergency situation.

6. Bluetooth Tracking Devices

You can reduce the chances of having your valuables stolen by investing in a Bluetooth item finder. These Bluetooth-enabled gadgets can be placed on luggage or inside of a wallet allowing you to track your personal items at all times via a smartphone app.

The item finder isn’t necessarily a preventative measure as theft may still occur but it can come in handy for locating your items or if you need to make a report with your travel insurance company concerning lost luggage.

Travel Safer and Smarter

Regardless of where you travel, personal safety should always be a priority. Theft is an unfortunate reality of travel but there’s no reason that it should ruin your adventures abroad. There is a great sense of comfort that comes with knowing that your personal valuables are secure while traveling. From theft-proof clothing and accessories to preventative theft Bluetooth gadgets, these six items are essential travel security products to pack for your next trip.

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