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The Top 10 Surf Spots in Bali

Are you looking for the idyllic tropical getaway? Let’s be honest—all of us are at some time or another.

When it comes to selecting the perfect destination, the possibilities can be exciting and a bit overwhelming. Until you find Bali, that is.

Nestled amongst the thousands of other islands in Indonesia, the tourism paradise of Bali is known for more than just its beach scene. The island is also saturated with fascinating culture, delectable cuisine, and exceptionally friendly locals.

Of course, the beaches are some of the best on Earth. The lavish accommodations and natural beauty are hard to top, too, making Bali far and away one of the most desirable vacation spots in all the world.

These and the other draws are only accentuated if you’re visiting for a more adrenaline-filled activity—surfing!

Whether you’re a seasoned surfing pro or a beginner just testing the waters, Bali is the ideal vacation spot for surfers of all experience and skill levels. There are so many fantastic surfing spots on the island that entire books could be filled with the perfect locations, both popular and lesser-known.

We won’t send you on a scavenger hunt to the library, though. Instead, we’ve compiled the top 10 Bali surf spots below. Don’t worry, we’ve included a variety of locations to ensure everyone from famous professionals to first-timers can enjoy!

Bali’s Top 10 Surf Spots

So, you’ve come to Bali for the waves—excellent choice. Now, you have to determine which of the stellar surfing spots you should visit while on the island. Trust us; that’s no easy task. In fact, the sheer number of epic surfing opportunities can be overwhelming!

That’s why we’ve made things easy for you. The top 10 surf spots in Bali are conveniently listed below. Check them out!


If you want to embrace Bali’s prevalent surf culture, there might now be a better spot than Uluwatu. Known around the world for its high-quality, consistent waves, Uluwatu is home to five breaks in one. It’s challenging, but you’re still sure to have a blast.

Of course, epic waves mean epic crowds. There are always crowds thanks to Uluwatu’s popularity and renown. Then again, you may love the buzz of the crowd and the palpable excitement that comes with being surrounded by fellow enthusiasts!


Pristine waters and prime waves abound at this surf spot. Keramas was once home to locals and seasoned surfers seeking out the best Bali has to offer. Now, it is a destination for expert surfers from all over the world.

Featuring intense drops and powerful faces, Keramas is for experienced surfers. So, if you’ve been perfecting your skill for a long while, this may be the perfect spot to put those skills to the test!


If you’re looking for a hidden gem surfing destination, Medewi should be high on your list. It may be off-the-beaten-path, but this wave is worth the journey.

Medewi is one of the longest rides available off the island, which has led to its popularity expanding in recent years. If crowds concern you, though, you shouldn’t worry. Thanks to its remote location, you’re likely to have plenty of space to yourself, especially if you visit on an off day!


With the convenience of delicious food, great accommodations, and plenty of shopping only minutes away, Berawa is one of the top surfing spots for those looking to hit some mellow waves between more touristy ventures.

Thanks to its close proximity to all sorts of modern amenities, Berawa is a popular choice among surfers, both local and visiting. If you’re headed to Bali, it’s a wonderful way to get your feet wet while still enjoying the other perks of vacation!

Padang Padang

Known around the globe as one of the best lefts, Padang Padang attracts experienced surfers from all over the world. If you’re looking to add an extreme notch to your surfing accomplishment belt, Padang Padang is likely near the top of the list.

That being said, this wave can be intense, so know your limits and only attempt Padang Padang if you are an experienced surfer. After all, when professionals flock to a wave, you know it’s challenging. However, even if you decide against trying it yourself, you may wish to stop by and watch if you’re an enthusiast.

Echo Beach

Want to exit the airplane, grab your board, and head directly to the ocean? You’re in luck—Echo Beach is only a short drive away.

Boasting waves that are hard to top in terms of consistency and quality, Echo Beach provides a diverse surfing experience. After you conquer the steep drop, experienced surfers can recover at one of the many beachside restaurants the area has to offer.


Bali is no stranger to tourists, and the area that is home to Dreamland is the perfect example of that fact. With luxury hotels, world-class restaurants, and sprawling golf courses filling the landscape, it may come as a surprise that a surf spot like Dreamland is nestled amongst it all.

It’s safe to say that Dreamland has something for everyone. It’s suitable for young, inexperienced surfers yet engaging enough to be fun for those who have been surfing for years. While this broad appeal does create crowds, the surfing will be well worth it.

Kuta Beach

One glance at Kuta Beach tells you that this area is as close to paradise as you’ll find in this world. The beautiful, sandy beaches are bound to beckon you to suntans and relaxation. For surfers, this paradise is only magnified by the waves waiting for them off the coast.

Beginners can find their footing here thanks to the safe bottom, while high-level surfing can be seen on full display by more experienced individuals.


White sandy beaches greet traveling surfers at Legian. With gorgeous scenery all around, beginners can learn the basics or hone their skills thanks to the availability of surf lessons in this region.

In between lessons, you can hang out on the beach with a cool drink, explore the nearby shops, grab a bite to eat at a coastal restaurant, or enjoy the other exciting activities Legian has to offer.


A hip area home to a diverse community of world travelers, Canggu draws visitors from all over. When you’re not sipping kombucha, you can enjoy the wave for which Canggu is known. In fact, you’re likely to see a professional surfer showing their skill if you stick around.

While Canggu tends to lack the crowds common in other areas of Bali, it is a well-known spot among surfers. You may have to wait your turn (or earn your spot), but it will be well worth it!

Traveling to Bali During COVID-19: What to Plan For

It’s no secret that the world has been turned upside down by the emergence of COVID-19. Travel has been especially affected thanks to lockdowns, restrictions, and other precautions. Now, the world has begun to adapt, and your dream destinations are once again open for business.

That being said, there are a few things you should be aware of when traveling to Bali during COVID-19. For example, you should spend some time researching the local travel guidelines and familiarizing yourself with any rules or regulations that should be in place.

You should also prepare yourself for the increased risk of traveling. You could get sick and need to stay in one location longer than you planned. This could be inconvenient and more expensive than you expected.

With the proper preparation, you can travel safely and pursue the surfing trip of a lifetime. Just be sure to put the time and effort into learning, preparing, and taking common-sense steps to keep you and those around you healthy and safe.

Plan Your Bali Getaway Today

When it comes to planning the ultimate surfing trip, it’s hard to top what Bali has to offer. From beginner-friendly beaches to professional-level waves, Bali has a little bit of everything for everyone, regardless of skill level or experience.

It’s also impossible to overlook the other draws of Bali. With pristine beaches, amazing restaurants, breathtaking landscapes, and a plethora of other attractions, Bali is the idyllic getaway for surfers and tourists alike.

We hope the top 10 surf spots in Bali brought you the information and inspiration you need to make your dream getaway a reality!

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