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  • Why Was US Traveler Assist (USTA) Created?

    US Traveler Assist was created to address a need identified by our founding partners during the course of their extensive experience in law enforcement and US Embassies abroad. Namely, who would you call in a safety or security emergency abroad? American travelers abroad are often unaware of the risk factors they may encounter in the countries they visit. And when a traveler is in a predicament that involves local law enforcement and/or the US Embassy, he or she can often feel confused and unsure of what to do. Equally, relatives and emergency contacts many hundreds or thousands of miles away may have difficulty understanding the situation and how best to respond. USTA gives you 24/7 access to the most qualified person to help in these situations: the former US Embassy Legal Attache, who is kept in country to assist our clients. With in depth knowledge of both US Embassy procedures and the local legal process, and a vast network of local contacts, your in-country Point of Contact (PoC) stands ready to help.

  • What Makes US Traveler Assist Special ?

    Firstly, with US Traveler Assist (USTA) you have direct access to your Point of Contact at all times. Other firms will claim they have local "contacts" or access to former Embassy officials. But you don't know who they are or if you are allowed to speak to them directly. With other firms, your call will be fielded by a call center, most likely located in the United States. With USTA you can communicate directly with your on-the-ground security expert anytime from the moment you join. Secondly, US Traveler Assist offers its subscribers proven pedigree. Your PoC is a former Senior Embassy official who spent years in your country of travel acting as a US Embassy liaison with local law enforcement (local police, Guardia Civil, Carabinieri etc.) As former Legal Attaches, their background is precisely in the area of safety and security in your country of travel, and in communication with local law enforcement officials at all levels.

  • Isn't the US Embassy Supposed to Help Me if Something Happens?

    A common misconception is that the US Embassy will jump to the rescue of any person at any time, quickly and efficiently, and will address any incident. But this is not the case. For example, travelers are asked to contact local police and file reports on their own if something happens to them. They are then asked to call a 1-888 number in the State Department to reach the appropriate Embassy resource, whose response time may be uncertain. And there are circumstances where the Embassy is unable or unwilling to help (these are outlined in the state department website at While US citizens abroad are the ultimate responsibility of the US Embassy, the ability and willingness of the Embassy to intervene, as well as the timeliness of the response, cannot be guaranteed.

  • If I am a Student Abroad, Wouldn't My University Protect My Safety?

    No. This is another misconception among many students and their parents. Virtually all study abroad programs require students to acknowledge a disclaimer stating that as adults, their security and safety is their individual responsibility. US Traveler Assist provides a resource for students and parents should a safety or security emergency arise.

  • Doesn't Travel Insurance Cover Safety or Security Situations?

    No. Travel insurance products protect against financial loss in the event a trip must be cancelled. Similarly, medical travel insurance covers medical costs in the event of an accident. Neither of them serve as a security or safety resource for travelers.

  • What Resources Are Available To US Traveler Assist Clients?

    Every USTA client has 24 hour access to our in-country Point of Contact (PoC), as well as to our US based office. While other firms offer a 1-800 number to an unknown location (or to a US based call center), our security experts are in-country and accessible at all times, by phone, electronically or in person.

  • Where Is US Traveler Assist Based?

    USTA's headquarters are in Houston, TX. Each of our PoCs are locally based around the world.

  • In Which Countries Does US Traveler Assist Operate?

    USTA currently operates in Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the UAE. We expect to launch services in other territories in the near future.

  • What Does US Traveler Assist Not Do?

    It is critically important to understand what USTA does not do. US Traveler Assist is an advisory service that assists clients in navigating problematic situations involving the US Embassy and local law enforcement. It is also a continuous source of information and updates on questions travelers may have regarding all security related matters in a particular country. But our PoC cannot act as a bodyguard, detective or legal representative. The ultimate responsibility for all US citizens living abroad rests with the US State Department. It is in the response and engagement of these entities (Embassy, local law enforcement, legal resources) where USTA provides critical and timely assistance.

  • Who Do I Speak To If I Have Questions?

    Any questions regarding our service, administrative issues or payment related matters can be directed to our US based office. Inquiries can also be made via our online information request form in the Contact Us page. Direct communication with our locally based Points of Contact is restricted to subscribing clients.

  • How Do I Sign Up?

    The online sign up process is brief but does require basic information. USTA will require a traveler's name, gender, age as well as email address and emergency contact. USTA will also require a client (or person creating the account) to provide the desired date they wish the service to commence and end. The service subscription can then be cancelled at any time without penalty through the user's Client Dashboard.

  • What Happens When I Sign Up?

    Upon signing up, you will receive the contact details of our PoC in the designated country, as well as access to your Client Dashboard. The Dashboard will allow you to access and update your account information at any time. After signing up you will be free to communicate with your PoC directly (electronically, by phone, or in person) at any time.

  • How Is US Traveler Assist Priced ?

    Pricing is based on the duration of your stay. Short term travelers pay per day while longer term travelers (students or temporary residents abroad) pay a sign up fee and a recurring monthly fee. And like other types of coverage, our pricing reflects the unlikely nature you will need to draw on the full resources of our service. Most Americans enjoy incident free travel. But USTA stands ready to assist if and when trouble does arise.

  • How Do I Pay?

    Payments can be made online with major credit cards and through our secure payment gateway. Short term travelers (business or tourist) pay $20/day. Longer term travelers (students or residents) pay a $250 signing fee, followed by a $100 monthly fee.

  • How Do I Discontinue My Membership?

    Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and without penalty through the Client Dashboard.

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