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US Traveler Assist gives you 24/7 access to the most qualified person to assist you in a safety / security emergency abroad: a former US Embassy Senior Official (Legal Attache), whose knowledge of local law enforcement procedures and vast network of contacts can help you navigate an emergency. The moment you sign up you will be directed to your Client Dashboard and introduced to your in-country PoC (Point of Contact). From that moment on you are free to contact him/her at any time electronically, by phone or in person. 


No other firm offers the personal, on the ground level of pedigree of USTA. Whether you are traveling for a few days or for an extended period, give yourself the peace of mind of US Traveler Assist. 

Why US Traveler Assist?


Other firms claim to have “contacts” and access to “former officials”. But who are they? With US Traveler Assist, you know who your security expert is: A former senior US official with proven pedigree in your local country, available to you immediately upon joining.

Direct Access:

While other firms claim to have access to a “former official”, they do not allow you to have direct access to that individual. With USTA, you speak directly to your Point of Contact (PoC) and have access to them 24/7.

On the Ground:

Other firms provide a 1-800 number or US based number to call in a safety emergency. But where is that person based? If they are located far away, how can they really help? With US Traveler Assist your expert is based in your destination country, where they have developed their expertise for years and stand ready to assist.

Local Contacts:

Our in-country presence allows our Point of Contact (PoC) to access local contacts quickly and directly, and to assist our clients in the most efficient and timely manner.

What do I get when I join?


24/7 access to your locally based security expert from the moment you join.

Personalized Security Brief:

A customized and up-to-date Security Brief drafted by your in-country PoC reviewing all major safety and security issues in your country of visit.

Instant Reaction:

Immediate feedback from your PoC and their contacts in case of a safety or security incident without going through a 1-800 call center or intermediary.

Proactive Support:

Our in-country presence gives us the ability to assist our clients proactively: helping to communicate with local police, sourcing legal assistance if required, updating emergency contacts back home on procedures etc.

Ongoing Security Advice:

Our locally based PoC will serve as an ongoing source of information on security issues in your country of visit, and stands ready to answer any relevant questions you may have prior to or during your visit.

US Traveler Assist helps clients navigate a variety of emergency situations :
  • Who do I call if I am arrested or detained while traveling abroad ?
  • How can I know my rights under local law? And whom should I contact first ?
  • How do I retain a local lawyer and how do I know which one to choose ?
  • What is the most effective way of initiating US Embassy action and how do I know if I need to do so ?
  • What is the scope of the US Embassy’s influence in various situations ?
  • Who would reach out to my emergency contacts if I were unable to do so myself ?
  • How do I go about filing a police report if I am attacked or robbed ?
  • Independent Security Expertise for US Travelers Abroad

    US Traveler Assist is a global network of former Senior US Embassy officials providing assistance to Americans traveling abroad. The firm advises and assists American businessmen, tourists and students on a variety of security-related issues they may encounter while traveling abroad. Each of our local experts, known as Point of Contacts (or PoCs), are recently retired senior US Security and FBI Legal Attaches whose work on the ground required comprehensive knowledge of local law enforcement, US Embassy and State Department protocol, as well as the operational relationship between the two. Our in-country experts' extensive knowledge and vast network of contacts are a resource our clients can rely on to help navigate a variety of emergency situations.

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  • International Travel Risks in a Changing World

    In an increasingly globalized world, Americans are traveling abroad more than ever. Be it for corporate travel, general tourism or a study abroad experience, Americans are traveling the world in ever greater numbers. And while the vast majority of travelers enjoy a safe, problem-free experience, unforeseen problems can and do occur. US Traveler Assist stands ready to assist in those circumstances. In today's rapidly changing world, it is important to be aware of the risks Americans may incur while traveling abroad. Comprehensive knowledge of a country’s specific risks, laws and local law enforcement procedures can greatly increase a traveler's safety while abroad. Similarly, detailed knowledge of US Embassy and State Department procedures under various scenarios can facilitate a traveler’s reaction time in case of an emergency. USTA's in-country security expert will share this knowledge with you and stands ready to assist at any time.

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Joining the US Traveler Assist Network also means getting answers to critical security questions :
  • What areas in a particular country or city are the most dangerous from a social unrest or criminal perspective?
  • What is the incidence of violent crime and where is it highest?
  • What are the most common types of crimes? And how should one guard against them?
  • What are the principal political or social tensions in a country? Where and how are these most likely to be manifested? And how does one best avoid them?
  • How does local law treat different types of legal infractions?
Joining the USTA network means instant and round-the-clock personal and electronic access to a former US Embassy official with extensive knowledge in each of these critical areas. Moreover, our PoC’s extensive network of contacts within local law enforcement (police and other local law enforcement agencies) as well as legal resources can represent a potentially critical source of information and support when most needed.
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These and other issues are addressed in our FAQ segment. For any additional questions, contact USTA directly at our Houston office (below) or via our online information request form in Contact Us page.

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